Founded in 80′s, Limitless design studio initially functioned as a bespoke, quality furniture manufacturer for discerning clients in Holland. After 30 years of brand development focusing on craftsmanship, and manufacturing technologies through a close cooperation with AMA-D SOULFUL DESIGN, the furniture group has evolved to include Limitless, SQI,and HQI. Limitless design is about balance, calm, tranquility, and equilibrium.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, our brand design centre has attracted talents, and renowned designers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, and others. Our designers, and research teams are constantly working on improving aesthetics, ergonomics, and practical usability to bring you a unique brand about quality. Limitless, through adopting a low-key marketing strategy has spread quickly to such countries as Holland, France, Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, United States, Canada, New Zealand, and China. Limitless believes in creating a better life for more people around the world, thorough it’s thoughtful designs, and production of unprecedented quality. Reaching people globally to enjoy the fruits of modern design, and limitless spirit.